News on the lawsuit: I have a lawyer and a discovery hearing date

I’ve been out of town with little access to the Internet and high demands on my time and attention for most of the past three weeks. I’ve finally returned and have no more traveling planned.

I’ve got some news regarding my lawsuit for access to voting records.

I have a lawyer and a discovery hearing!

I was able to discuss my case with several lawyers over the past few months. My thanks to everyone who has offered their support. Randy Rathbun of Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer, LC offered his services pro bono. He had a number of admirable qualities, but the one most important to me was his attitude that my goal of getting access to those records was attainable. He’s also a local attorney and a fellow Sedgwick County voter.

His only stipulation – that I let him have control of the legal case. That is, I had to let him make the decisions regarding his area of expertise rather than trying to run the show myself. Not an easy choice for me and I mulled it over both before and after putting on a 3-day seminar in South Korea last week. I try not to be a control freak, but apparently, people do perceive me that way sometimes. Anyway, I’ve agreed to that condition and look forward to working with him on this case.

I was able to speak with the Sedgwick County Courthouse regarding scheduling of a discovery hearing. It’s to be at 1:00 October 19th. My understanding is that this is a short hearing to determine the amount of time needed in order to schedule a trial. I don’t know more than that, but I’m grateful to have legal counsel arranged before this occurs.

Thank you Randy!

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15 thoughts on “News on the lawsuit: I have a lawyer and a discovery hearing date”

  1. I admire you so much for your courage and hard work you have done standing up and taking a notch out of all the wrong-doing we have been stockpiling for the past decades. This being one of the Tops!

  2. My heart rose when I read the article about your lawsuit. Very, very well done! Will follow what you are doing with great interest.

  3. Beth,

    Thank you for pursuing this inquiry. It is the right thing to do and I admire your courage.

    Bill Moyers featured an attorney who pursued politicians for violations of “the public trust.” The concept is most often applied to environmental law, but could also be applied to other situations. i.e. Kobach violates the public trust with his draconian tactics.

    Let me know, if you want to know more about “Public Trust.”


  4. I am so thankful that you are pursuing this matter, and also that you have local (and good) legal help. It has always stymied me why this great democracy, which claims to value each person’s vote, has had so many instances of doubt re the rectitude of our voting practices. It can fairly be argued, and has been argued, that we allowed the presidential election of 2000 to be hacked, and it is only one of many instances over the years.

    In the face of so much evidence over the years, it has remained a mystery to me why legal challenges to election results have been so relatively rare. This must indeed be an area where fear of the consequences trumps (sorry, had to use the word) strength of purpose.

    This reality makes what you are doing so much more courageous and also, of course, so much more necessary.
    Godspeed to you, you need to know how many of us in Kansas and elsewhere are with you. Don’t let anything deter you from seeking the truth!

  5. As a fellow Kansas voter, I’m grateful you’re working to make sure there’s integrity in our elections. Keep up the GREAT effort, and know there are many, many Kansans rooting for you!

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    “My story begins” goes to a teeshirt hoodie sales site.
    I found another but can’t “refind” it now.

    Someone been messin’ with your site seriously.

  11. I forgot to say…KUDOS on your excellent work! Are you involved in the Bernie lawsuit and working with their statistician? I hope so! I don’t have a lot of money but I’m going to find some for you. 🙂 Thanks for your dedication to this worthy, exhausting cause. GO BERNIE!

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