The Clarkson Curse – Never seen this happen before!

I recently received the following email from my lawyer’s para:

Randy asked me to send you the attached order from the Court of Appeals requiring supplemental briefing. He said to tell you this has never happened to him before.
Order for Supplemental Briefing

We Clarksons, or at least the branch I belong to, have a long-running family joke about a family curse. The key words are something like “This has never happened before” being uttered to us by professionals, usually involved with major repairs. This time, it’s extra work for no pay for my attorney, Randy Rathbun. I want to thank him for his continued efforts on this case. I’d have given it up before now if he weren’t there.

My reading of this order – keeping in mind that I am, in Randy’s opinion, a terrible lawyer – is that they are looking for an excuse to call it a moot question and boot it off their agenda as not worth their time. I’ve no idea how this will play out, but I trust Mr. Rathbun to do his best. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

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One thought on “The Clarkson Curse – Never seen this happen before!”

  1. Is double-checking election results “moot”? It could be that that election was accurate, but it would also be valuable to know if the count was not accurate. Both mean a great deal for future votes and elections, doesn’t it???

    Citizens need to know that election integrity is not moot. Yes this court should do all Kansas voters the service of recounting one election.

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