Exit Poll Data

This post contains links to the citizens’ exit poll survey forms and results.  I will post the analysis of those results separately.

There were five sites sponsored by the Show Me The Votes Foundation. Each site was independently run by voters from that area.  I provided guidance and instructions as well as training for volunteers.  You can learn more about how these exit polls were set up and run here How to run an exit poll.  Polls were manned the entire time the polling station was open. Voters were asked personally to participate; responses were kept anonymous.

The site managers were all amazing.  We got excellent response rates.  This study and these results would not have been possible without their help and the help of the dozens of other volunteers who were willing to take a few hours out of the day on Nov 8th to man my exit polls.  Thank you all.

I ran the Southeast Wichita site.  The questionnaire I used is the basic form that the others were built off of.  All questions on that form were common to all five sites.  There were no questions on races specific to my polling location.

Wichita Exit Poll Survey Form

Southeast Wichita Exit Poll Results

The Sumner County site was run by Glen Burdue in Wellington KS.  He modified his survey to add some additional questions specific to his polling location.  We had relatively few volunteers in the Wellington location, but he made up for it with dedication to the project.  Glen spent considerable time notifying and clarifying his exit poll with the county officials not to mention collecting surveys all day long on Nov 8th. Then he counted all the surveys himself, no small task by itself.

Sumner County Exit Poll Survey Form

Sumner County Exit Poll Results

The Cowley County site was run by Pam Moreno of Winfield KS.  She is an amazing organizer and and is a leader in the Women for Kansas – Cowley County chapter.  We ran a volunteer training session one October evening.  Her group also added a few questions to our basic survey that were specific to Winfield.  She also got volunteers to help do the counting the next day and professional help with the data input into my spreadsheet for analysis.

Cowley County Exit Poll Survey Form

Cowley County Exit Poll Results

The  Urban Wichita site was run by Lori Lawrence at the Health Department on 9th Street.  She did a phenomenal job, doing everything from baking cookies to attract voters to respond to getting buttons printed up for our volunteers to wear.  In our planning meetings, she made many excellent suggestions for ways to improve our exits polls.  She ran the same basic questionnaire that I did at the Southeast Wichita site.  She also did the complete first count on all her surveys.  With 883 useable surveys, that was a huge chore!

Urban Wichita Exit Poll Results 

The Southwest Wichita site had two co-managers, Lisa Stoller and Leah Dannah-Garcia, two excellent ladies who were devoted to accomplishing this.  They collected 1,435 usable surveys, a response rate to eligible voters of 80%.  Fantastic.  Counting all those surveys was a daunting task.  I dare say that aspect of it was as difficult for those extroverts, who were so excellent at running the exit poll, as the task of walking up to strangers and asking them to fill out a survey form was for introverts like me.  They needed help.  I ended up parceling them out to other volunteers as it was an overwhelming task, even for a veteran survey counter like myself.

SW Wichita Exit Poll Survey Form

SW Wichita Exit Poll Results

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  1. Beth, First, thank you. I’m reviewing the posts and have one comment that is a bother for every section. I see the patterns you describe but I find it difficult to determine what value for each graph represents a random error, or a statistical concern or an obvious OMG problem. I’m hoping you will clarify each of these during your Saturday presentation. I suspect this work will merely be swept under the rug and ignored as we move closer and closer to a banana republic and its mentality.

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