Links May 2016

Some helpful links on election fraud.

My personal favorite – Redacted Tonight did series on election fraud with the NY primary, followed by a broader exposition of problems, and ending with a background of puppies to lighten up the depressing news that our elections have been corrupted.

I enjoyed this interview with Jonathan Simon who has been researching and publishing his findings on election theft for years now.

This site has an excellent compendium of links

Recommended Reading: Election Fraud Mega Edition

This reddit article nicely sums up much of the evidence of rigging in the 2016 presidential primary through March

Bev Harris has a series detailing how machine rigging is done: Fraction Magic published a six part series
Part 1: Taking Election Fraud Allegations Seriously
Part 2: Debunking Some Election Fraud Allegations
Part 3: In-depth Report on Exit Polling and Election Fraud AllegationsAn Interview With Lead Edison Exit Pollster Joe Lenski
Part 4: Purged, Hacked, Switched
Part 5: Chicago Election Official Admits “Numbers Didn’t Match”Six part series at

Part 6: Clinton does best where voting machines flunk hacking tests