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Some helpful links on election fraud.

My personal favorite – Redacted Tonight did series on election fraud with the NY primary, followed by a broader exposition of problems, and ending with a background of puppies to lighten up the depressing news that our elections have been corrupted.

I enjoyed this interview with Jonathan Simon who has been researching and publishing his findings on election theft for years now.

This site has an excellent compendium of links

Recommended Reading: Election Fraud Mega Edition

This reddit article nicely sums up much of the evidence of rigging in the 2016 presidential primary through March

Bev Harris has a series detailing how machine rigging is done: Fraction Magic published a six part series
Part 1: Taking Election Fraud Allegations Seriously
Part 2: Debunking Some Election Fraud Allegations
Part 3: In-depth Report on Exit Polling and Election Fraud AllegationsAn Interview With Lead Edison Exit Pollster Joe Lenski
Part 4: Purged, Hacked, Switched
Part 5: Chicago Election Official Admits “Numbers Didn’t Match”Six part series at

Part 6: Clinton does best where voting machines flunk hacking tests

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  1. My guess is that this will become your personal favorite, Cliff Arnebeck is filing a very strong RICO suite:
    TrustVoteDotOrg Lawsuit June 6

    in comments:

    via: Lee Camp twitter
    @LeeCamp Watch this!!! MSM to be sued as accessories to fraud as well…
    From me a very poor summary, see the video:
    We are suing the media as being complicit in the crime. They are acting as accessories after the fact.

    Attorney Arnebeck has kept the FBI in the loop, has a Judge, and is filing a very strong RICO suit June 6th. It includes exit polling data that indicates fraud. It includes Bev Harris’s find on the code in those machines.

    Look what the media is trying to do now:
    Google Hillary Clinton. NYTimes, Time, AP, others are reporting Hillary has already “clinched” the nomination as the democratic presidential nominee, before California Tuesday’s voting. They want to tell us how they did it. We could better tell them.

    No way.

    So, I was feeling put upon by the media and Hillary’s jumping the shark. Thought I should look up Lee Camp’s twitter account. Maybe Cliff Arnebeck has a twitter account. I need to check that out.

    After seeing Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck’s report in that video, now is the time for Ode to Joy.

    And, it doesn’t matter what the media says. They are being sued, RICOed as accessories for election fraud.

    And, so much thanks to people like Beth Clarkson so courageous a fighter for truth, justice and democracy. That means she and all the election integrity people trust you and me to create a better future than those gaming the system for themselves. Thanks Beth.

  2. Long form video about past years of election fraud with interviews, bringing up to date with 2016 primary and the filing by Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck on June 6, 2016 of a RICO lawsuit against the voting machine companies for the fraudulent code that fractionalized votes and so reduced delegates for Bernie, and a complicit after the fact media for their collusion with their alteration of exit polls to match fraudulent machine counts, thus robbing citizens of their vote, power, and democracy:
complete video 2 hours 25 minutes

    Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace
7:30-10:00 pm, Wednesday May 25, and Friday May 27, 2016, (video below is of Friday’s presentation)

    Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais, Corte Madera, CA

  3. Just doing a re-read to see if you were aware of the several lawsuits being file regarding the probable fraud in this year’s Primaries.

    Before I realized how thorough the complicity of the “news” media had become with the fraud, I was shocked that they seemed blind to the fact that Hillary was getting hands full of people out to hear her, while Bernie consistently got tens of thousands, yet seemingly wasn’t getting the votes.

    I just hope these lawsuits move fast! How will we know, when the entire press is blackballing anything that might degrade Hillary’s “win”.

    My Twitter account was locked up twice in 3 days this week, not because I use bad words (I don’t), or threaten (I’m an older woman), but because I said that I would not vote for HRC and said she was dishonest – which, of course, has been shown repeatedly.

    We all need this to end… Thank you so much for your part!
    Julia Burns
    Edmond, OK

  4. First part is good information. The last part is me meandering over a question I do not have an answer for.
    Links: June 6, 2016
    Democratic Primaries: Is Clinton leading by 3 million votes?
    by Richard Charnin

    UPDATE: Bob Fitrakis updates information about the RICO suit and California which they are adding to discovery for their case.

    6-10-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Election Integrity – Fact or Fraud?
    Bob Fitrakis on The Nicole Sandler Show
    Nicole Sandler

    54:10 on video to see better than the rough transcript below:

    Update: The RICO lawsuit has not yet been filed.

    Originally, attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis were going to file their RICO lawsuit earlier on June 6th in order to get the networks to release the raw data on exit polls for the California primary. The networks cancelled exit polls instead.

    The RICO suit will be filed. The problem is they ran into a huge problems in California.

    With the donations they are getting, Arnebeck and Fitrakis are beefing up legal staff.

    California, if it were a nation would be the eight largest nation on earth, had some of the most massive irregularities. Fitrakis said he was getting emails constantly from poll workers and election observers saying 25% of people in my precinct were forced to vote provisionally.

    Systematic problems with registration being wrong, peoples showed up saying they had registered to vote in the Democrat primary, but instead were registered as being in other parties which meant that they could not vote for a presidential candidate.

    Fitrakis said, we did some limited exit polling ourselves and those numbers are being crunched.

    The suits and it looks like there may be two of them: the initial one over getting the exit polls and also a second one getting discovery for criminal activity which is the one that should go first, be filed first.

    But California had massive levels of irregularities and what looks like outright fraud. Most of California should be roped off as a crime scene. it happened deliberately from party loyalists and private corporations.

    California has delayed us somewhat and caused us to beef up legal staff. He says they will be filing next week.

    For donations go to or

    Initial report, the shorter video:

    Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace

    My summary: This is a Very Strong RICO lawsuit involving State and Federal Courts, involving current and past election crimes, that importantly involves ALL THE STATES for the collection of additional evidence, discovery, to determine the correct vote counts, and delegate counts precinct by precinct from this primary.

    Cliff Arnebeck says that by the time of the Republican Convention which is before the Democratic Convention, that this RICO racketeering lawsuit will have changed history, and the minds of politicians and the public so that the true winner, Bernie Sanders, will be nominated.

    Cliff Arnebeck is the same attorney who prevented fraud from occurring in Ohio in 2012 which would have given Romney the Presidency. Obama owes his Presidency to Arnebeck. Since the FBI were involved with Arnebeck’s successful effort to prevent fraud, Carl Rove did not get a heads up about the election not being fixed as the voting machine owners could not call him for fear of FBI wiretaps. So Carl had a meltdown on TV.

    These lawyers have a history of success. I believe they will win. I believe we are on the verge of rescuing our democracy. If you want to donate to their efforts go to or


    Get Rid of Those Voting Machines Now, because look what Bev Harris found–EVIDENCE:

    Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers

    By Bev Harris May 12, 2016
    Reply ↓

    Jess June 12, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Saw a posting with a link by a friend on FB yesterday that the on-going count of provisional ballots has already flipped three CA counties to Bernie. Glenn county in Nor Cal plus San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties along the coast. (From updated Sec of State totals.)
    Bev June 12, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Because these are very serious crimes, even though they have continued for so long, the collecting of evidence for a RICO racketeering lawsuit, may be changing a few partisans’ minds into not wanting to be dragged into this RICO suit.

    Yes, I saw where those counties flipped from Clinton to Bernie. It made me wonder.

    Can an Attorney answer this?

    Since some counties in California are changing their counts and reporting to SoS corrected amounts of votes, enough so that they are flipping from Clinton to Bernie, won’t that prevent those who conducted these precinct elections from being RICOed because the RICO lawsuit has not yet been filed.

    Then what about all the other states (ALL STATES ARE SUBJECT TO THIS RICO LAWSUIT, this is both a State and Federal RICO lawsuit) rechecking their previous paper ballots counts, especially those mail-ins and e-scanned paper ballots along with those many provisional ballots and affidavits, and if they are NOW counted accurately and found to have changed totals, and delegates, and if they then make a new report to each of their Secretarys’ of State to correct first accounting, then will they be RICOed or will this action itself be enough that by correcting now, prevent their being RICOed.

    Also, those who conducted their precinct elections should note that Arnebeck and Fitrakis were involved with the 2004 Presidential election which oddly flipped to Bush. They filed a lawsuit in Ohio to recount all paper ballots, and found all forms of tampering, even putting tape over a voters vote and marking for Bush instead. The ballots were photographed, a book was published with all the different examples of fraudulent tampering. But, they did not have a RICO lawsuit concurrent with the ballot counting…like they do now.

    So, don’t tamper. You will be in even bigger trouble. Recount those votes accurately and re-sent to SoS (who should also want accurate counts, because, you know, the RICO) so that you don’t get RICOed. Now, before this upcoming week during which the RICO racketeering lawsuit will be filed, affecting ALL STATES, and the lawsuit allows discovery in each state. So, get to it. Thank you.

    To clarify in the first paragraph, often provisional ballots are not counted which should then be reviewed for evidence under this RICO suit.

    However, I am sure that all should be legally correct, whether those conducting these three counties’ precincts in California either got right to the counting of provisional ballots which is the correct thing to do, or whether they decided later after initially ignoring them, that because of the gathering of evidence for this RICO suit, they changed their minds and then started counting. So long as the count is correct. No problem.

    But, those precincts in California and all other states with uncounted, or miscounted mail-in, e-scanned, and provisional ballots, need to reconsider and get those counts complete and correct as soon as possible.

    I am not a lawyer. It may be the case that all these ballots, provisional, mail-ins, e-scanned, from these primary elections are now sealed, not to be touched, except by this RICO discovery. So, pardon me, we need a lawyer to determine how to proceed or sit tight.

    I would add, no, no, it’s a big no, no to destroy evidence in a RICO lawsuit. You will get into big trouble.

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