Another Analysis of 2016 Democratic Primary

This is a solid analysis. I say this without having vetted their data collection, I’m assuming they did that part right. If so, the conclusion is obvious. They authors confine all analysis to the appendix, so you can read the paper without having to understand any math.

Are we witnessing a dishonest election?

They found Sanders won 51% to 49% in places that had a paper trail. They found Clinton wins 65% to 35% in places that don’t. That’s amazing! Yes, those are different states. Yes, they looked at a different possible causes They tested for that difference while accounting for the % whites and the ‘blueness’ of the state. No, they didn’t find anything sufficient to explain that difference.

You don’t have to be a statistician to understand that’s a huge difference in proportion. It helps to be a statistician to understand the tests they ran checking other explanations and the resulting output. They are running appropriate tests and the output is unequivocal. Which they stated. I concur.

“As such, as a whole, these data suggest that election fraud is occurring in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary election. This fraud has overwhelmingly benefited Secretary Clinton at the expense of Senator Sanders.”

Redacted tonight makes this article their lead story.

BTW, I absolutely loved their fake commercial for “Shut your f***ing tweethole” at the 15 min mark.

Authors response to criticisms

My work, some of my graphs and my previous post, are included in the appendix of the response article. Lots of interesting graphs there too.

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  1. via email from

    An update on the lawsuit…

    Thanks for the connection. Cliff Arnebeck is still filing the lawsuit, so while the delay is understandably of concern to all of us, do remain hopeful! We will be releasing breaking news including timely evidence from poll analyst, John Rice, who will give millions of people the assurance they need to know that Bernie has, in fact, won the Presidential Primary, at our event (details below), this coming Thursday.

    We would love to meet you, but if you can’t attend in person, please view the live stream at the following web address: or

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2016 California Primary: A Disturbing Situation
    Come join us at the Corte Madera Best Western: 56 Madera Blvd, Corte Madera, CA 94925 for an update on the condition of the California Primary.

    Event begins at 6:30 pm, Thursday, June 30th with attorneys at law Bill Simpich and Ida Martinac, San Diego election confusion witness, Marie Johnson, poll analyst, John Rice and election integrity activists, Lori Grace and Emily Levy.

    Please check for a complete description of the event and register on the Sunrise Center site so we can be sure to save you a seat. Please also sign up to our Sunrise Center mailing list so that you can be sure to receive future announcements regarding the issue of election integrity.

    Thank you,

  2. Audio/video problems at the live stream on Thursday. They just had a second meeting this Saturday afternoon which went much better. Lots of information about different lawsuits, and strategies. Attorney Bill Simpich joined in late and answered questions about his lawsuit in California. He says it is very important to make this non-confrontational as this suit will work if we encourage all to stand for democracy no matter what party or candidate.

    Questions about different groups, sites organizing to help with law suits which Bernie cannot be directly involved with at this point. There are about 30 lawsuits ongoing around the country. People are independently standing up this time around. It does have to be on us. Saturday’s video should be up soon. Right now they have Thursday’s video (with audio/tech problems) which is misnamed as the Saturday. So wait just a bit:
    The 2016 California Primary: A Disturbing Story
    w/Bill Simpich, Lori Grace

    This event is Saturday July 2, 2016 from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM PDT. Come join us at Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais, Corte Madera, CA 94925 for an update on the condition of the California Primary.

    Ray Lutz has initiated several lawsuits in California:
    2016-06-26 Lutz vs Vu Lawsuit Tutorial
    Registrar of Voters Lawsuit Tutorial
    Citizens Oversight (2016-06-26) Ray Lutz

    This Page:
    Media Link:

    Hearing Reminder
    July 6, 1:30pm
    San Diego Superior Court, 220 W. Broadway
    Dept. C-73, (West annex, 6th Floor)
    ………. has initiated lawsuits:
    Election Justice USA

    Election Justice USA shared a video.
    June 30 at 8:56pm ·
    California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, being served for our lawsuit.
    Emilio Le Prado
    to Bernie Sanders is my HERO
    June 29 at 8:03pm ·
    Secretary of State, Alex Padilla has been served for election fraud!!!!! He left immediately the Hillary fundraiser right after!

    2.5 Million Provisional Votes May Have Been Shredded
    Posted By: James Walker July 2, 2016

    If you are wondering where the 2.5 Million  missing votes went, well maybe it was the shredder. During a surprise press conference by  in front of the San Diego County Registrar’s office, to announce lawsuits a company called Southern California Shredding with the coincidental slogan “Because the Outcome Has to be Certain!!!” was parked in front of the building.
    Yes, there could be a perfectly reasonable paper shredding company to be in front of the Registrar’s office
    ………. Is Seeking Volunteers To Help Recount Votes

    We recently were contacted by a staff member of named Steve Enzer. He asked if our team wanted to help with any video editing or webdesign as he is the only “tech” member working for TrustVote.

    I agreed to help anyway I could, recently I was able to have a long phone conversation with Lori Grace and Cliff Arnebeck. While I can’t disclose the entire conversation, I can say the lawsuit will be filed very soon with a extremely high probability of success.

    One issue we talked about was the fact TrustVote still needs volunteers to help recount and photograph each ballot. This alone in Ohio (The first state they will be filling in) will take 100s of volunteers.

    I asked if they wanted us to help set up a social platform to gather volunteers? With a ecstatic YES from both Lori & Cliff, our team and Steve Enzer went to work building a site called While TrustVote as an entity can’t endorse the site Lori & Cliff, both personally think it’s a great platform to organize teams in each state who want to participate in recounting the votes.

    We must start recruiting people, in my conversation with Cliff, he said his game plan as of today is to file in 11 states, but that may grow to 49 states because even in states where Bernie won he may have won by a greater margin. Cliff also strongly believes after the recount is finished Bernie will not need to worry about Super Delegates because he will have enough Delegates to claim the nomination. The only way this recount can be conducted in a timely manner is if we get 1000s of volunteers so please signup at

    If you don’t want to help recount the ballots you can still help the cause in many different ways.
    • Donate to
    • Share with your friends.
    • Run for your local office.
    • Create flyers/mailers (as Larry has done) so people who don’t get their news online know about TrustVote’s recount.
    • Join Journey For Bernie (A Cross Country Caravan To The DNC)

    This recount needs to be one of the most important agendas for every person who wants to see Bernie win. Just picture Hillary’s reaction when she finds out all her Super Delegates will not effect the election, because Bernie already won.

    This site was created to organize people who want to help recount the votes.

    TrustVote is in desperate need of 1000s of volunteers. 

If your state is not currently being sued please still signup and be on standby in case TrustVote files.

    Please sign up and join the Revolution.

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