What Can I Do?

People have been writing to me about their concerns and what can they do. Asking me to take a look at a particular contest they are suspicious of. I understand their concern, but I’m not able to look at more than a fraction of the primary results. I just don’t have the time and resources. Just as everyone who writes me has their own lives and limited resources.

Sadly, no true remedies are readily available. I’ll talk about what can be done, but whether the gain is worth the cost is going to be a subjective individual judgment. I suggest if you have concerns, start by looking into your local election office. Ask about their equipment and processes. Volunteering to serve as an election worker is an excellent idea for those who can spare the time. The pay isn’t great, but it’s not nothing for your time. You will be able to learn and observe a great deal about how the election is conducted.

From there, it’s up to you to decide if you are satisfied with the process. Do you feel confident in reported results? If not, you’ll have to ask your election officials to improve their processes. That isn’t easy. It likely won’t be cheap either. I can’t think of a more important public service than holding fair and honest elections. Other people have different priorities about such things.

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