Interesting Question: Couldn’t other factors explain the patterns in the data?

The answer to this question is “Yes, it’s possible”. I’ve seen several claims that people can explain the patterns in the data that I find concerning with voter registration of party and/or % turnout by party and/or other demographic variables. I haven’t yet done much analysis into these factors, primarily because I haven’t had access to precinct level data. I’m working on that and may have an acceptable database of those statistics ready soon.

At the county level, for the data I’ve looked at, such factors only explain a portion of the trend. Further, the pattern in the cum sum % analysis is not what would be expected by demographic type factors. We should see a leveling out after a rise due to those factors, not the continuous increase those models frequently show. If you check the Wisconsin graph, broken down by voting machine type, the pattern I would expect to see exhibited for that type of issue is shown by the purple line as opposed to the red lines (increasing) or the green line (paper ballots only).

2014 Wisc. Gov Race

However, even if all these patterns (which are consistent across different states and elections while showing similarities by voting machine type) are explainable in such a manner. At this point, I consider the fact that our voting machines in Sedgwick County have never been audited or checked for accuracy after an election to be equally concerning. Without such an audit, we do not know whether the votes have been counted accurately. IMO, that’s a serious problem and my lawsuit at least illuminates that issue even if I never get access to the paper audit trail.

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  1. I have had it on my list to call my Representatives this week about my concern with the accuracy of voting machines. This morning in the Salina Journal, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, page A3, Eric Wiley wrote an article about Beth Clarkson, chief statistician at Wichita State University. Ms Clarkson is concerned about the state voting machines being tampered with. I will do all I can to support her efforts, but would also like to see that the voting machines for the National Elections are also audited. Could I please have an address for showmethevotes, so I can make a donation. I do not like to make contributions on-line. Thank you.

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