Election Lawsuit in Austin Texas

Thanks to Ernestine Krehbiel for sharing this information with me.

Here’s a lawsuit in Texas trying to get access to the ballots for a public recount.

Election Lawsuit in Austin Texas Asks – WHERE ARE THE BALLOTS?

Dr. Laura Pressley, Austin City Council Candidate, District 4 filed a lawuit Jan 29, 2015 demanding to see the votes in her election. It’s still ongoing as the election office hasn’t been able to provide her with the ballots or even ‘images of the ballots cast’.

When Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir was asked by Austin City Council candidate Dr. Laura Pressley to produce “images of ballots cast” from the Hart InterCivic eSlate voting machines for Pressley’s January 6th recount, her right as a candidate per Texas Election Statutes, the Clerk’s response was that Travis County did not have images of what the voters saw when they made their choice on who to vote for.

Instead what was provided was a “cast vote record” or “CVR”, a computer generated form which is the computer’s conclusion as to what the ballots showed, but NOT the ballots themselves.

Almost 4,000 electronic ballot images are therefore apparently missing, leading Dr. Pressley, Austin City Council District 4 candidate in the Run Off election last December , to file an historic election lawsuit.

Never before has a Texas candidate filed an election contest exposing any electronic voting machines’ apparent inability to provide for “ballot image storage” of each ballot cast – a requirement of all electronic voting machines by the Texas Election Code. Dr. Pressley’s lawsuit challenges the proposition that election officials reporting what a computer program tells them a voter decided can substitute forlooking at the ballot the voters sees when they make their voting decision.

Travis County’s website proclaims quite clearly that ballot images CAN be provided if needed for recounts by the Hart eSlate electronic voting machines:

Texas Election Statutes allow for a manual recount of images of ballots cast in electronic voting machines.

The point is, with almost 4,000 ballots missing for a recount, there is no way to confirm the election outcome!” Pressley says. “What I’ve learned about our voting systems and election procedures in TravisCounty is highly disturbing … and as a concerned citizen and a candidate, I feel that it is my obligation to pursue this case to educate the public, and other future candidates, about this critical election information.”

Websites for more information and to offer support: www.StandWithLaura.com


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