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Kansas officials stonewall mathematician investigating voting machine “sabotage”

Wichita State University’s Beth Clarkson (who is also chief statistician of WSU’s National Institute for Aviation Research) discovered “odd patterns” in Kansas electoral voting records, so she requested public docs to help her get to the bottom of things — requests that state officials ignored, dodged, and stalled.

I should point out that I did not “discover” these patterns; I have merely confirmed them.

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Kobach on Sedgwick County election lawsuit: Time is past, votes are sealed

“She actually had a perfect opportunity to do some of the analysis she wanted to do during the contest period. Any registered voter in the relevant district in Kansas can bring a contest to challenge election results, so she has had multiple opportunities to do that,” Kobach said. “But Kansas law is very clear (that) after the contest period expires … the ballots are sealed after the contest period.”

It is worth note that I did, in fact, attempt to look at election results during the “contest period.” I was denied access.